Sometimes, there are players who just seem to have a nose for the football. They stand out on film, consistently involved in every single play, never making the wrong first step. That’s Jordan Kunasyzk in a nutshell. And as he leaves the Golden Bears behind to begin his journey at the next level, it is

Looks can be deceiving, and just taking a single glance at Xavier Ubosi’s stat line might leave most college football fans fooled. After finishing the 2018 season with an average of 23.9 yards per catch, one might imagine Ubosi as a one-dimensional speedster on the shorter end of the scale. But just one glance at

When making the transition from high school to college, it makes sense that some positions take longer to adapt to the physicality and size of the collegiate level. Defensive line especially comes to mind, but Ryan Bee bucked the trend for Marshall and contributed almost immediately as a freshman. After getting his feet wet in

To paraphrase an oft-spoken quote, with great talent comes great responsibility. And when Jake Browning stepped onto the campus of the University of Washington, there was almost too much responsibility placed on his shoulders. Browning became the first true freshman to start a season opener for UW and in 13 starts, the young signal caller

For some players, filling up the stat sheet and getting their names mentioned by the announcers on every play is the goal. Or perhaps it even comes easy to them due to their position. But for the top defensive backs, they do their jobs best when their names are rarely called, only surfacing in key

Just like how every football game is about how you finish, so too is every player’s career. When Amir Hall was initially recruited out of high school, he could have been discouraged by the lack of initial scholarships. But all he needed was the coaching staff of Bowie State to believe in his abilities. Over